Our Team

Drawing on a long tradition

We are at home in a traditional textile region – in the heart of the ‘Waldviertel’. From this tradition, continuity and the knowledge acquired over 90 years, we and our employees draw equally. Some of them are already working for us in the second or third generation. They shape the high quality that makes us successful with our customers. This is for us the only possible path to reach sustainable growth. As an apprenticing company, we also enable young people to start their careers. We are proud of the fact that we have such a great mix of employees who have been with us for a long time and young up-and-coming employees.

We also want to be a reliable and long-term partner for our employees.

Our team…

…consists of: Product development, disposition, yarn purchasing, warp production, weaving: master weavers, weavers and cleaners, sewing: machine operators, handmade clothing, picking and shipping, order processing, bookkeeping and dunning, secretarial services, marketing, sales representatives in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Benelux etc.

Our employees are a high social capital, who must be promoted.

Our Management

We have been a family business since 1927. 90 years later, our management continues to consist of members of the founding family Hermann/Pfeiffer.

Thomas Pfeiffer Geschäftsleitung

Veronika Pfeiffer-Gössweiner Marketing