Our production

HERKA Frottier masters:

  • all terry weaving techniques (weft weaving, weaving with different pile heights, special weaves, etc.)
  • Special fabrics of various types and qualities
  • the processing of various materials (cotton, polyester, linen, viscose, organic cotton)
  • all technically feasible embroideries

We are one of the most modern and effective terry weaving mills in Europe!

HERKA Frottier’s excellent expertise is guaranteed by over 90 years of experience and tradition in the weaving industry. This expertise, built up over decades, is constantly supplemented by new, well-trained employees, professional training and trade fairs. We employ graduates of technical schools and do our apprenticeship training ourselves. For special problems we are in close cooperation with textile technical offices in Austria and Germany.

Creative Design

One of our strengths are timeless classic designs. In addition, we enrich our collection annually with current patterns and colors.
HERKA Frottier produces sketches of your desired motif/logo. We will be happy to send you a printout of these together with possible colors. In special cases we can also produce samples for you.

We develop further….

…as part of the continuous improvement process (CIP). Both employees and management act accordingly.
In addition, quality circles take place with defined employees with the objectives

In addition, quality circles take place with defined employees with the objectives:

  • Maintaining and improving the current production quality
  • Review and possible improvement of the current quality assurance system
  • Optimization of production and shipping processes
  • Increasing the efficiency of internal and external communication processes
  • Our quality assurance has the goal to produce your customer satisfaction!

Quality assurance – so that you are satisfied with your towel

Our quality assurance takes place on several levels:
Our quality control in all stages of the production and packaging process is of prime importance to you as a customer.
At the start of production, each batch of fabric is checked for weight and technical requirements and the parameters are corrected if necessary.
During the production process, our employees continuously check the quality of the goods.
At the end of the manufacturing process, every single finished product is checked for weaving faults and manufacturing.
This ensures a very high quality standard!

Our efficiency is 12,000 towels per day.

HERKA Frottier is a modern high-performance company. We are continuously computerised and work daily in 3 shifts. This service pool enables us to store a large quantity of goods and also different qualities without any problems.
For us, flexibility also means having a wide range of standard products as well as material qualities available in house as standard, which can be quickly dispatched for production. We hardly operate with minimum quantities and also produce individual pieces! Our team is well prepared to handle small and very small orders perfectly. Our sales department is also highly flexible when it comes to very small orders perfectly. Our sales department is also highly flexible when it comes to advice and on-site support.

HERKA competence guaranteed:

  • high quality
  • quick handling
  • dependability
  • flexible fulfillment
  • technological leadership