Handtuch Frottier Weberei Herka made in Austria terry towel weaving mill CEO Thoma Pfeiffer


Quality of handshake from design to delivery

Our customers include quality-conscious hotels as well as hotel and contract outfitters, wellness providers and health facilities. We supply wholesalers and laundries just as reliably as promotion and promotional article manufacturers worldwide. Our golf towels are used in golf clubs from Scotland to Guam.

Reliable, personal customer service – with handshake quality from design and layout to punctual delivery – is our credo that has made us successful for many years. For us, quality means not only producing high-quality, durable products, but also responding flexibly to the wishes of our customers. We monitor our quality at all stages of the production and packaging process.

“We are a family business that lives from the proximity to its customers. As such, bureaucrats are alien to us. It goes without saying that the requirements of our customers are fulfilled even without great formality. We guarantee that we will always be in personal or telephone contact with our customers and that we will always work together to find the best possible solution”. Thomas Pfeiffer, CEO