Our responsibility concerns…

…our customers
We want to meet and exceed their expectations. Responsible relationships and good partnerships are characterized by openness and flexibility. On-site discussions are a matter of course. The same goes for handshake quality and the passing on of background information.

… our employees
Beyond the statutory employee protection regulations, it is a matter of course for us to promote and protect our employees. These internal measures include, for example, conducting employee discussions and quality circles as well as facilitating professional training and further education.

… our suppliers
We set high quality and performance standards for our suppliers with regard to the quality of their products, flexibility and delivery speed, regionality as well as social and environmental standards.

… our environment
HERKA Frottier today guarantees the careful use of air, water and other resources. Your satisfaction is also important to us ‘up close’. In order to ensure all this, our products are certified many times.

… our entire corporate policy and communication
International values such as transparency, honesty and traceability are a matter of course for us.

… our product quality
Attention to quality and safety. From the design phase through the entire manufacturing process to the delivery phase and after-sales service. This includes our responsible products.

You can trust us! Entrust us with your skin!

Our quality is the best guarantee that you will remain loyal to us as a customer, the strongest weapon against competition and the only possible way to growth.

That’s why we make a PROMISE OF QUALITY  to you!

We guarantee:

  • high quality products
  • longevity
  • color quality
  • individual customer service
  • careful use of water and other resources
  • humane working conditions
  • flexible response to customer requests
  • quality controls

“We are in the process of developing HERKA into the technology leader in high-quality European terry weaving; and are very confident that we will succeed in this in the near future. Technological leadership, quality leadership and service leadership are my goals for the coming years. We would like to remain weavers and produce the highest quality from Austria for our customers”. Thomas Pfeiffer, CEO